Friday, August 6, 2010

Are you ready for school?

I am, yet I am not.
I just got done with Band Camp on Tuesday. Because of the nice, rainy weather, band camp was fantastic! I'm now sad it's over. :(
But, that's just the beginning of band. I'm stoked for this year.
Well, I went shopping with my best friend today. I found A LOT of stuff. I think that's only cause I haven't been out shopping in so long. :P

Random fact. I painted yesterday. It's different then what I normally paint so I very much like it. Though, you may think it's extremely boring. Haha, I'll post a photo of it later once I scan it in!

Another random fact. My older sister and I are buying a car! It's not my dream car, (a volkswagen bus,) but it runs and it's not small so I like it just fine. :)

I know I haven't said much, but I think I'm going to watch Whip It for the fourth time in almost two days. I just really like that movie. XD



  1. Não sei falar em inglês, gostaria de entender
    seu pensar...seus sonhos e caminhar em suas
    palavras e descobrir seu viver

  2. great daily blog/ diary :) .

    your lookbook images are great .
    do feel free to check out/ follow 'betsie' at:

  3. love the blog! good luck for this school year and yeah a car is a car and being a bus it sounds really cool, like a big car i think! :)