Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Third

School has been out for a week and I'm already bored with this Summer. Hopefully soon it will get tons better! ^_^

Today I'm very excited though. I have a photoshoot in a few hours at a cool little place I found by Walgreens. (If you'd like to see, check my lookbook tomorrow or PaigeB's photostream on flickr.[[I'll post her flickr link in the comments.]])

I thought I had a lot more to say, but I currenly can't think at all. I'll tell you a few random things, ja? I got all A's except a C+ in my Science class!
I have a Gaia account that I'm completely obsessed with, haha.
I'm having a tea party tomorrow with my best friend Paige and a [woman now;)] named Xochtl. (Saw-chew-ol.)
I can learn to drive in 14 days!
I'm going with my friend Jessica to get her haircut on Saturday. (She doesn't know how to tell the lady how she wants it cut. XD)
And then I think I'll wrap up the week with painting a nice picture.
I actually think I might just take photos of my art and post it on flickr. I've seen a few people do that and it's quite beautiful art.

Well, sorry for all the rambling. :)


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